RAFINJA OF NEW HORIZONS RECEIVES THE HIGHEST SCORE GIVEN TO FOALS AT HER RPSI INSPECTION, AND RICOLA DTA RECEIVES PREMIUM STATUS! Rafinja is Stellar’s first foal to be presented to RPSI. She attended the RPSI Michigan inspection on July 25, 2014 at three months of age, where she was awarded GOLD PREMIUM status with a score of 8.1 and Site Inspection Champion filly, and her dam was awarded Premium status and was Site Inspection Champion Mare! Comments from the German inspector include: “Very well developed size, modern build with long legs–not too heavy build, well-muscled, pretty face with a very nice neck, active and stays always uphill in trot.” We are so proud of this special filly! The below commentary was taken from the RPSI site. Special thanks to Ann Daum Kustar for the fantastic photos! “A highlight of the day was the Haflinger mare and foal bred by Mary Procopio of New Horizons Haflingers. The RPSI inspects and registers purebred Haflingers into their own books, as a division of the pony breeding section. In Germany, the RPSI�s parent organization the Pferdezuchtverband Rheinland Pfalz-Saar registers more than 30 different breeds, including but not limited to the Warmblood books, German Riding Ponies and Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd, but also Shetland Ponies, Icelandic, Haflinger and Draft Horses each have their own books, with their own rules and regulations, and often their own brands. Ricola DTA (Adanac x Ricarda II GF � Nabucco), a nine year old Haflinger mare, showed excellent modern type with a big eye, good length of neck and balanced and substantial conformation expressing well the modern Haflinger standard. In movement, Ricola showed energy, softness and swing, with a particularly good trot and canter. This combination of type and quality of conformation, movment and substance earned Ricola the title of Champion Premium Pony Mare of the site. Site Champion Filly was Ricola�s 2014 filly Rafinja of New Horizons. Rafinja was sired by Stellar TVR, who successfully completed the North American Pony test in 2013. This substantial yet elegant filly boasted a particularly well-proportioned and balanced profile, with a clean neck tie-in and chiseled face. Long legs and excellent muscling over her topline completed the picture, while in motion, this filly also pleased the eye, with a powerful, swingy uphill trot and balanced canter.”