WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT STELLAR TVR IS THE FIRST HAFLINGER STALLION IN NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY TO ATTEND THE 30 DAY NORTH AMERICAN STALLION TESTING AND IS NOW LIFETIME LICENSED WITH WESER EMS AND RPSI! Not only did Stellar successfully pass the test, he did so with the excellent overall score of 7.98 and earned the title of Reserve Champion! His interior scores ranged from 8 to a perfect 10, and he received 8s from the Training Director, Harald Hoffman, in Rideability, Canter, Free Jumping, Stadium Jumping and Cross Country! We are so incredibly proud of him, as he exceeded our expectations ten-fold!

(Above photos of Stellar at the 2013 North American 30 Day Pony Stallion Testing. Photo credit Lars Lewandowski of LL-Foto.de, Germany.)