ROMANTIQUE OF LILAC FARMS AND RHAPSODY OF NEW HORIZONS HAVE A SUCCESSFUL DAY AT THE DRESSAGE AT WATERLOO USDF DRESSAGE SPORT HORSE BREEDING SHOW IN MICHIGAN! Teake won first place in the Haflinger Breed class and took second place (behind a Friesian mare) in the open Four-year-old and older broodmare class! Rhapsody (Diva) took second behind her mom in the Haflinger breed class and third in the open 2010 weanling fillies class, just 2% points behind a Friesian filly and only 3% points behind the first place winner–a huge Hanovarian filly! Whenever Diva walked out of her stall there was a fan club surrounding her–she received more attention than any of the warmblood foals there!